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Weclome to Amdale Media!  We are dedicated to bringing you the best video interviews and documentaries about comic professionals, as well as collectibles guides and other unique products for the fan, collector and professional creator.

July 15, 2015 - Comic Fandom Quarterly #3 in Diamond Previews!

Comic Fandom Quarterly #3 is available for order through Diamond Comics Previews! CFQ #3 is in the July issue/order form, order code JUL15 0915. It is also available as part of a subscription here on the CFQ page.

This issue features a great Joe Sinnott interview, Part 3 of 5 of the Two Decades of Comic Book Movies focusing on the early Marvel Movies (pre-Marvel Studios), an in-depth look at Fantastic Fanzine Special #2 by Ken Meyer Jr., and an index of the first Charlton Bullseye fanzine and the Charlton Spotlight fanzine!

Shipping in September, 2015.

July 1, 2015 - Digital PDF Full Color version of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide 2011 (1st edition) now available!

The PDF digital version of the 2011 first edition of the Fanzine Guide is now available to purchase from Sellfy for only $4.99.

For more information about how to order the digital versions (2015 coming soon!) of the guide, please go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

June 1, 2015 - Masters of Art update

Just a quick note to let everyone know we have rolled the Masters of Art site back into Amdale Media for the time being. All the links for the products are now live and working.

March 5, 2015 - Announcing a new publication: Comic Fandom Quarterly!

With the new year we have embarked on a new publication! This magazine will be in the mold of a traditional fanzine, with a comics history and media focus. Called Comic Fandom Quarterly, Comic Fandom Quarterly, each quarterly issue contains feature articles about comics history, and/or interviews. Its a mostly-general fanzine about comics, history and fandom past, present and future. It will have a significant section each issue about fanzines in particular (which will feature new discoveries, market info, and indexes) to help keep the flow of fanzine information going in between major releases of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide.

The main feature in the first 5 issues will be a serialized 5-part series titled Two Decades of Comic Book Movies, featuring an in-depth look at most of the comic book based movies that have gotten us into this modern golden age of comic movies.

It will be approx. 28-32 pages each issue, color cover, B&W interior. $5.95 cover price.

The first 2 issues will be published simultaneously, and will be carried by Diamond in their April 2015 catalog.

Comic Fandom Quarterly - Fanning The Flames of Fandom For Future Fans!

December 19, 2014 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide Proof Copies Arrive!

The Official "It's here!" Post has arrived. Both proof copies are here (see attached pics) and the final process has begun! This will be our final update until the final copies arrive. The current status is that both editions are with the printer, the Softcover is currently printing and the Hardcover will follow. We can't predict the time to final copies, being so close to Christmas and New Year. We had expected to have everything out by now (we started the process with the printer in the first week of November) but due to some delays, miscommunications, and a few corrections, we have now spilled over the time we anticipated. We are very sorry for the extended delays to this point, but everything is at the printer now and ready to go. We are just waiting for final prints to get here and we will begin shipping. Once that happens, we will post another announcement. Thanks everyone!

September 5, 2014 - Creator Chronicles Interviews Blu-Ray in Diamond Previews

The Creator Chronicles Interviews 2007-2014 Blu Ray is now available for order through the current (September) Diamond Previews catalog!

The Diamond Previews order code is: SEP14 0971 CREATOR CHRONICLES INTERVIEWS 2007-2014 BLU RAY

August 18, 2014 - BIG Creator Chronicles Announcement!

We have finally finished our BIG Creator Chronicles remaster project! We have taken all of the previous content across ALL of the previously released DVDs in the Creator Chronicles lineup and remastered them for Blu-ray! As a result, there have been great improvements in picture quality. We have split the content of all the DVDs into 2 Blu-ray discs, one for Interviews and one for Tutorials.

Now called "Creator Chronicles: The Interviews 2007-2014," you get ALL of the previously released Interviews from ALL of the previous Creator Chronicles DVDs plus THREE NEW interviews featuring Al Feldstein, Herb Trimpe and Dick Giordano!

But that is STILL not all! Also included are a few NEW extras that we couldn't cram onto the already overflowing Joe Sinnott DVD. These include "deleted" scenes, a gallery preview and a special home tour of Joe's artwork!

Thanks to the Blu-ray format, not only does all of this material look better than the original releases, but you get all of this on ONE BLU-RAY DISC! It is an unbeatable deal, over 20 hours of interviews for one price!

Similarly, "Creator Chronicles: The Tutorials 2007-2014" includes a NEW tutorial from Herb Trimpe, as well as all the previous tutorials from Wagner, Sinnott and the massive Sheena painting by Joe Jusko! There are new extras as well, including TEN convention panels from various shows around the country from 2006-2010.

Along with this annoucement, we are effectively bringing all the previous DVDs to end-of-life and (mostly) halting production on the previous products. The "mostly" comes from a stash of some of the DVDs that we have that are autographed. What we will do is to offer these Signed and Numbered DVDs until we run out of the signatures. This will encompass the Joe Sinnott, Matt Wagner, and George Pérez DVDs. George's will be sold with both parts (2 DVDs) as a MATCHED SET of numbers! In addition, we were able to secure a small amount of signatures on the alternate covers of the Bill Sienkiewicz DVD, and these are in extremely limited supply, as Bill only signed 42 of this DVD cover.

Why are we taking this step? There are several reasons, most of which revolve around streamlining our product line and to allow room for newer Creator Chronicles videos down the road. One of the biggest reasons, however, has to do with shipping costs. The post office in recent years has significantly increased shipping costs, especially overseas. We get a lot of interest from overseas comic fans in seeing the videos of their favorite creators, many of whom rarely or never make it over there for a convention appearance. The cost to send a single DVD overseas went from around $4 to over $13, so it seemed more practical to give a better value for your money by combining all the Creator Chronicles to-date videos into 2 Blu-ray discs, instead of 8 or more DVDs.

For more information about the Creator Chronicles Blu-ray editions, please go here.

July 21, 2014 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide 2014 Edition Now in Previews Catalog!

The new, updated Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide 2014 Second Edition is now available for order through the current (August) Diamond Previews catalog!

The Guide comes in 2 flavors this time: A Softcover (B&W) which includes a download code for a FREE PDF version of the 2011 Guide, and a Color Hardcover, which is printed in FULL COLOR with a special gold-themed cover, and also includes a copy of the Softcover! This edition is limited to 50 copies.

The Diamond Previews order code is: AUG14 0959 DALES COMIC FANZINE PRICE GUIDE 2014

Additionally, there is still some advertising space available in the guide. We have recently arranged a new printer that will allow us to offer ad space for significantly less than we had previously quoted. Those interested in ad space should contact us as soon as possible.

For more information about the guide and editions available, please go here.

June 1, 2014 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide 2011 Edition SOLD OUT!

Big things brewing this year for Creator Chronicles and Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide. We will have several announcements over the next few weeks about new and updated products.

Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide 2011 is officially SOLD OUT! Yes, our first edition has now reached the end of its print life. We do have just a FEW copies left for sale, those being the Regular Softcover edition (which will now be $15 each for the remaining copies) and a few sets of the Regular SC, Limited SC, and Regular HC editions ($40 per set.)

These are going to be sold on a first-come, first served basis, along with utilizing ebay. Message Robin Dale on Facebook or at if you are interested.

This is all in preparation for a NEW, updated and expanded edition of the Fanzine Guide! We are working hard on it right now, and hope to have it out somewhere between late fall or early spring of next year. In the coming weeks, we will be adding a product page with more details and pre-order links.

August 1, 2013 - Joe Sinnott DVD Nearing Completion!

The long-awaited Joe Sinnott Creator Chronicles DVD is now almost done. We just have a few more images and other items to add and finalize, and it will be shipping in the next few weeks.

At this juncture, we are asking that anyone who pre-ordered this from us at a comic convention to please e-mail us your current address. We should have records of everyone, but sometimes things slip through the cracks, and people may have moved.

May 5, 2013 - Joe Sinnott DVD Available for order through Diamond

The long-awaited Joe Sinnott Creator Chronicles DVD is nearing completion, and is available to order in the current Diamond Comics catalog NOW! The order code is MAY13 0768 and all initial orders through Diamond will be limited signed and numbered copies.

Please note: This will be the ONLY OPPORTUNITY for your local comics shop to order the DVD through Diamond. There will be NO reorders! So if you want to get it through your local comics shop, be sure to tell them right away!

Pre-orders (with a 25% discount!) via our website will be available until release.

February 21, 2013 - Joe Sinnott DVD Update

Following on to the previous news item regarding our various delays, we want to give everyone an update on the Joe Sinnott DVD. There have been a number of unforseeable delays in getting this completed, most of which are now resolved, and work on the final stages has begun.

We ran into numerous delays and problems, for instance, finding a better method to stabilize many of the tutorial video shots, which greatly improves the clarity and quality of the tutorials, but was a very time-intensive (taking weeks) and tedious. Well worth it in the end, and we felt it was necessary, but the method to accomplish this was discovered well into production, and even after the videos had been completely edited, requiring a full re-edit to incorporate the improved shots.

Another big one had to do with the audio files. We had worked on these a while ago to clean them up and improve clarity, take out noises, and so on but somewhere along the way these edited files were lost, and needed to be redone from scratch.

There were other things along the way, along with the usual things that need to be done. Also, this is a very large project, with many interviews and other video (like convention panels) and a fantastically large amount of original art scans (thanks in large part to Joe's son, Mark) to sort through.

With all (hopefully) of the problems and errors behind us, we are now in the final stretch to getting this completed, however given the delays to date, we are not going to name a date until the bulk of it is finished.

For those of you who have or will pre-order the DVD, we have a log of all the transactions, and you will be getting them first when they come out. There will also be a resolicitation through Diamond soon.

February 15, 2013 - Site Fixes

We want to take a moment and give everyone an update on some issues we have been having over the new year, and some other things that have caused some delays in getting new products out in a timely manner. We just recently found out that, for some odd reason, and unknown to us for a few weeks, our website had an error on it that prevented all the updates we had submitted for the past several weeks from appearing. This has now been fixed, but in combination with the distraction of the holidays meant that we had not gotten it all fixed until just recently.

September 18, 2012 - Cincinnati Comic Expo

I will be a guest at this weekend's Cincinnati Comic Expo, table F05. I will have the full range of all products available at the show, with some special convention-discounted prices.

Copies of the George Pérez Creator Chronicles DVD will be there as well for those of you who would like to get them signed by George, and all editions of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide, including the rare (only 25 printed!) full-color Hardcover edition!

September 9, 2012 - Big Changes and Upcoming Products

Now that summer is over, we are going to be moving forward with several projects between now and spring of 2013.

First up is a revamp and expansion of our Facebook presence. We have set up several fan pages for our various products, to make it easier for people to keep up with them. These are set up as fan pages, no need to join a group, so a simple click of "like" will include you in the stream for those products. All future announcements will be posted here and on Facebook.

February 21, 2012 - Special Post-Holiday/Winter pricing on all DVDs!

Next in our special winter pricing are some very good deals on our DVD products. These make GREAT gifts for your friends who are fans of these great artists!

Check out the Creator Chronicles section for some great deals, and be on the lookout for a special limited SIGNED edition of the Bill Sienkiewicz DVD!

Unlike most of our other DVD products, Bill never did a run of these that were signed, and we managed to corner him at the recent Mid-Ohio Con and had him sign a small handful of the Alternate Cover for his DVD. 44 lucky people will be able to get one of these which will be signed and numbered and notated as having been signed at Mid-Ohio Con.

November 22, 2011 - New Limited set of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide

With the holidays fast approaching, we are going to roll out some special deals for winter season. First up is a very limited set of the Fanzine Guide.

This set contains the 2 Softcover (Regular and the Limited variant) editions and the regular Limited Hardcover. We have only a small handful of the Limited Softcovers and Hardcovers, so this deal won't last long! Price is a very low $70 for all 3!

October 20, 2011 - Off to Mid-Ohio Con!

And we're off to the Mid-Ohio Comic Con! Come see us at booth 909.

At Mid-Ohio, we will be showcasing our products including the the long-awaited Fanzine Guide (we will have copies of ALL the editions available for purchase), and the forthcoming Creator Chronicles: Joe Sinnott DVD!

Please note: As part of our promotional efforts at conventions like this, we will have special LOW pricing on all products at the show. These prices will be good ONLY at the show this weekend. This includes pre-order products, which means you can pay the special lower price at the show and we will mail them to you when completed (shipping in the US is free!)

September 22, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - Color Hardcover!

The color hardcover copies have finally arrived! All editions of the guide are now printed and available.

The color editions will ship out early next week to pre-orders. There are only 25 copies of this edition printed!

So here they are, this is what the entire print run of this super-limited color edition of the guide looks like!

September 12, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide Hardcover - Proof Copies Arrive!

The proof copies for the Hardcover editions have arrived!

We will be placing the order for the print run immediately and hope to have them in everyone's hands in about 1-2 weeks.

Note that the special Color Hardcover Limited Edition (only 25 copies!!) features gold lettering and back cover/spine, to make it instantly identifiable from the regular Hardcover.

We are going to leave the special discount prices up on the website for a while longer, past the previous deadline. If you have an interest in purchasing the guide, do so soon because once we get the print run complete and shipped, the prices will revert to normal.

August 23, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - Shipping NOW!

Yes it is finally done! The softcover print run arrived today, and now on it's way to pre-orders and the comic shops via Diamond. Thank you to everyone who supported, helped, contributed and purchased along the way!

And just a reminder to anyone interested in picking one up, order from our website SOON! We currently have pre-order pricing still on the website, and this will remain until sometime in early Sept.

This INCLUDES special editions like the Hardcover (only $37.50!) which are 25% off list price. The prices will revert to normal soon, so act now if you want one!

August 20, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - Hardcover in Color!

As mentioned earlier in the month, we have arranged with our printer to print an extremely limited run of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide in FULL COLOR!

This run will be limited to 25 copies ONLY! These will be bound in Hardcover, signed and numbered. The price will be $100 each, and they will only be available to order directly through us.

We are now ready to open up offering this edition to everyone. At present, there are ONLY 12 COPIES AVAILABLE!! Needless to say, if you are interested in this special, super-limited edition, act quickly to reserve your copy!

August 10, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - Proof Copies Arrive!

We just got the first proof copies from the printer! After many years, many delays, and many long hours, it is finally done!

We will be placing the order for the print run immediately and hope to have them in everyone's hands in about 2-3 weeks. We're in the final stretch now!

As publication is imminent, we are going to leave the special discount prices up on the website for a while longer, past the previous deadline. If you have an interest in purchasing the guide, do so soon because once we get the print run complete and shipped, the prices will revert to normal.

June 27, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - New Special Edition

As we were putting the guide together, it seemed a shame to only be able to see the wonderful covers of so many fanzines in black and white. There was such a wide variety of paper types, colors, and printing techniques that we thought these should be showcased better.

We have arranged with our printer to print an extremely limited run of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide in FULL COLOR!

This run will be limited to 25 copies ONLY! These will be bound in Hardcover with a notation of "color edition" on the cover, signed and numbered. The price will be $100 each, and they will only be available to order directly through us.

We know many of you have ordered copies of the already limited regular Hardcover edition, and may find yourselves wanting this edition instead. Those who have pre-ordered the Hardcover edition and would like to get this edition instead will be given first chance at them before they go on the open market. Simply email us and arrange payment for the difference between what you already paid, and we will reserve one for you.

June 20, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide - Update

We've had a few inquiries about the Fanzine guide, and wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the progress.

We are in the final layout phase of the guide, which is about 1/2 done now. Once the final layout is done, all that will be left is to incorporate some articles and send it to the printer. This should happen around late July, or very early August at the latest. Within about 2 weeks of that they should be in the hands of the distributors and orders. Please note that the Hardcover edition will be printed 1-2 weeks after the Softcover editions, and will be delayed in shipping by that amount of time.

We are very excited to finally have this guide so close to completion after so long. We will also shortly have an announcement about a very special edition of the guide we will be producing.

May 26, 2011 - Masters of Art - Markers with Jeff Preston now shipping!

We are very pleased to announce that our first Masters of Art DVD product, Markers with Jeff Preston, is now shipping in all markets.

Distributor orders and individual orders are all shipped, and the DVD is available for order from the Masters of Art website and Amazon.

April 7, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine guide in Diamond Catalog

Just a brief update on the Fanzine guide. It can be ordered in the current (April) Diamond catalog.

The Diamond solicitation has the Regular Edition and the Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies, which is a special "mimeograph" tribute variant cover.

The Diamond catalog order codes are APR11 0767 (regular edition) and APR11 0768 (limited edition).

March 13, 2011 - Pittsburgh Comic Con!

We will be attending the Pittsburgh Comic Con in April! This is a great creator-centric show, and we are happy to be there!

At the Pittsburgh show, we will be previewing and debuting many of our new products for 2011 for the first time. Included will be the new Masters of Art video tutorial series, the new Creator Chronicles: Matt Wagner DVD, and a look at the long-awaited Fanzine Guide, and the forthcoming Creator Chronicles: Joe Sinnott DVD!

We have a new banner display that we will be using at our booth, so please look for it to find us. Here is a snap of it:

March 1, 2011 - New line of Art Instructional videos

Masters of Art is a new art instructional video series dedicated to showcasing the entire artistic process of great artists.

This video tutorial series uncovers the secrets of artists working in a wide variety of mediums, from paints, to markers, watercolor, pencil/graphite, and more.

Featuring some of the best artists in the world, The Masters of Art series is fully narrated by the artists themselves and are completely comprehensive. Covering all aspects of an artists process from conception to completion, these meticulously detailed tutorials are loaded with specific how-to information and insights as well as tips, tricks and anecdotes from a lifetime of professional work.

Professionally shot on high-definition video (real-time filming was typically over 5-20 hours, then painstakingly edited to 3-4 hours each) this series offers fans and professionals alike a wealth of information from the Masters of Art!

For more information about the Masters of Art: Video Tutorial Series, please go here.

Feb 14, 2011 - Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide

It's finallly here! After many years, the first comprehensive catalog of comic fanzines and comic-related publications has arrived!

Covering every era of comic fanzine publications, the guide is full of information including key artists and issue dates, relative scarcity/rarity, important historical notations, and more!

Look in the April 2011 Diamond Previews Catalog for the solicitation.

For more information about the guide and editions available, please go here.

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